Aishwarya Rai Hot

Aishwarya Rai Hot beauty of Bollywood industry. She is the one who ruled over the Bollywood Industry as a queen. Now how Aishwarya Rai ruled as a queen over Bollywood want to know the entrusting facts lets start from her beginning. She came as a model and actress in the Bollywood industry and given allot of hit movies to Bollywood. Aishwarya Rai remained the Miss World when she won this title in 1994. After that we come to the other side. As with the entry of new Hot and Sizzling actresses in Bollywo anothod Aishwarya Rai's demand declined in her industry but here she takes another turn and she started ruled on the heart of top actors Bollywood industry like Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi and etc. The story doesn't end till now after getting her scandals fame she ruled on the other top and kicked out Rani Mukherjee out of Bachan Family and Abhishek Bachan and became wife to Abhishek Bachan and doctor in law to the King of Bollywood industry Big Bachan Imitab. Even story don't ends here it is still continue so wait till my next post about Aishwarya Rai Hot celebrity of Bollywood industry.


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